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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Sometimes it takes a while for something to "click". Especially for me.

Sometimes it takes something bad to happen. Like, my doctor prescribes me a pill that rhymes with "fatten" in order to control my cholesterol. That sure scared me into paying better attention to what I ate.

Sometimes it's prayer that helps something to click. Like when God revealed to me that I had a serious problem with chocolate, and led me to fast from it. I set myself a date of Christmas as my goal to refrain from eating chocolate bars. And like the promise I made during Lent, this one was to God, and I sure ain't breaking that! I've been "chocolate free" for over 2 months, and it has really helped me focus on sacrifice.

Last week, something else clicked. A month ago I joined Weight Watchers - in person. I've been a member online for longer than I can remember, and it was simply time to get back to the meetings. I found one I could attend on my lunch break. I needed the accountability at the weigh-ins.

                                           Week one. Weigh in.
                                           Week two.  I stayed the same.
                                           Week three, I lost .2 (thank God I peed before I weighed in)

When I left after week 3, having lost .2 in 3 weeks, it clicked.

I wasn't doing what I should have been doing and the numbers did not lie. In order to have a good weigh in, I had to eat less and exercise more (news flash!)

So, I got on it. Ran three times, walked twice, counted every BLT (for those of you not on WW it's an affectionate term for bites, lick and tastes)

Week four. Down 2.2

It's not rocket science. It just has to "click" at the right time. A series of events helped it click for me, and everyone is different. My circumstances are different than yours. All I know is that once I gave over control, and let God lead the way, it clicked.

When I ran this past week, I crossed a barrier that for me was a big deal. Week 5 of my Couch 5K.It was the longest I'd ever run without stopping, and by the end of the run, I felt so unbelievably pround of myself. For those who know-me know me, that's new.

I set myself a goal of 5 pounds before Disney, which is in 2 weeks. I know something may come along to throw a dent in that, but I also know that when I plan and commit, I feel better about myself and everything in my life, and nothing is an excuse to eat. No emotion that stems from other people's actions is going to make me make an unhealthy choice for my body.


I would eventually love to get off my statin. I wish it would have clicked before I ever had to take it in the first place...but then I wouldn't be writing this right now and potentially help it click for someone else. (-:

It may or not be audible but you'll feel it when it "clicks" for you!

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