One can for every pound I lose...bring it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two scoops of crazy with a side of coo coo cachoo!

I remember how hard I laughed at that line in "You Again" (brilliantly delivered by Kristen Chenoweth). 

I've been feeling a little two scoops of crazy lately. 

But, in all fairness, I got a little sidelined on my little stay at home vacation. I had BIG plans. Boy, was I gonna take time out for me. I was gonna get so much done. I had lists! Zumba every day! It was ON! Until I heard the announcement over the loudspeakers:

"We interrupt this staycation to bring you a virus." 

Metaphoric loudspeakers of course. But there I was, down for the count. Fever of 103, weakness, stomach trouble. Not exactly part of my plan to git-r-done. I was on the couch for about 2 and a half days, precious time I needed to spend planning...zumba-ing!...getting back to me. 

Maybe it was a chance for me to slow the heck down, and just think. Yeah, maybe it was that (although, Lord, I think better when I'm not puking. Just sayin'.)

Yup. I had time to think. I thought about how sad I was to not be able to cross stuff off my list. And then I thought about how things are beyond my control and I can't use them as an excuse to lose track of me. 

Today was a better day. I even got to Zumba (convincing myself to sweat out to last of my sickness!) then went to Wegman's and loaded up on all sorts of healthy, organic foods to make my meal plan for the week. 

"Stuff" happens. And it kinda happens a lot to me (-: but, I was able to get right up off the couch and continue with my plan. It was an inconvenience, a hiccup, but it didn't keep me down. I spent about an hour typing my meals into my Bodybugg program for the next few days - yes, an hour, once I realized I was meeting my calorie count but not the proper nutrition balance. 

It's work. It's hard work. I'm committed to being committed and that's the best I got for now. I may blog again soon about another hiccup - perhaps one I did to myself. But it's OK. Like someone said - "I'm worth it." I know what to do. I'm just taking the long way.

I waffle. I persevere. And then I waffle. Go ahead and call me crazy.

crazy like a fox (-:


  1. oh dear! I hope you start to feel better and get your LIST done!!!!

  2. Zumba was great. :) Loving the positivity. :)

  3. How are you??? You know I'll never back down from you!!