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Monday, April 18, 2011

Chores. Ugh.

I asked my son to help me with the laundry tonight. I got the look. If you have a teenager you know it well. The "I don't wanna" look. My son is a good kid and he does do his chores - but not without the obligatory protest first.

I don't necessarily like all my chores either. There's always a caveat.

I like to do laundry but I hate to iron.
I like to vacuum but I hate to dust.
I like washing dishes but I hate drying them.
I like to be thin but I hate to diet and exercise.

Huh? Diet and exercise? Is that a chore? Well, yeah, come to think of it, it kinda is on some days for me.

It's not a chore to eat cake. As a matter of fact, it's just plain fun. Mmmm, even the sound of "mmmm" let's you know it's a good thing. Pictures like this are the reason this blog is in existence.

I heart cake.

It's no coincidence that eating too much cake (and other stuff) caused me to be on a weight loss journey. I overindulged. You play, you pay. Eventually it catches up to you and you need to do some work to fix it. And the paying is not as fun as the playing. And the journey is filled with all kinds of ups and downs (as my faithful blog readers can attest to) OK, so I don't necessarily always HATE diet and exercise. Being good to myself makes me feel awesome. There are times after Zumba when I feel like I could conquer the world and I am the happiest, most annoyingly giddy person you will ever know. But sometimes it's hard to be good to yourself, on the days when it feels like a chore. The very word "chore" makes it sound like it's gonna be hard anyway. It's a hard, mean sounding little word. I like another word that starts with "cho" but chore is not it.

Sometimes it just takes good old fashioned work to get the job done. The laundry is not going to fold itself, the dishes won't do a Bippity Boppity Boo into my cabinets, and my butt is not going to fall off while I sleep.

God will not always give me an epiphany through the form of a song in the gym or a person in my path or a remarkable coincidence or a scripture that comes to life.  There won't always be a time when we are inspired to be our best. There won't always be a quote or a song or a compliment to motivate us. Sometimes we just have to git-er-done, because we have to, and because we want the result and we know that's the way to get it.

I really wanted to just sit and watch TV tonight. But I got on the bike (which is facing the TV) and pedaled for 1/2 hour. My butt went numb after 15 minutes and I was not a very happy camper, but I did it. I know it's a necessary step to get my result, so I did it. I hated it, but I did it.

Maybe tomorrow it won't feel like a chore, when I have my happy music on, when I step on the scale and see a good number or when I hear the birds singing and realize how blessed I am to be here. But if it does, I'm still gonna do it, because I'm mad at my butt for being too big.

This is me today, and that's all I got. Hope you can relate and get your chores done too. I'll let you know if this chick shows up. If not, you can find me at the gym tomorrow.

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