One can for every pound I lose...bring it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We all have our own mountain to climb. Although they are different sizes, they are mountains nonetheless. I don't much like mountain climbing in the literal sense. But figuratively, I'm about to yodel.

I am on a mission to get back to "me." And that means taking care of my body and getting to a healthy BMI. It's been a long time coming.

I am the age my father was when he had his first (of five) heart attacks. He ended up dying of esophageal cancer, which I am sure was brought on by years of smoking and drinking.

Well, I quit smoking the day he got diagnosed with cancer, and I have been sober for over 9 years. Those were some big mountains to climb.

My latest adventure involves this whole "getting healthy" issue. And for me, that means losing 50 pounds.

To some people, being 50 pounds overweight may sound hideous. And to others, I am sure it sounds like "no big deal." But as anyone who has struggled with their weight knows, it's all relative. Just because my mountain is smaller than someone else's does NOT mean it is going to be 'easy' for me. It's still a mountain. Did I mention I do not like to climb mountains? Much cooler here in the valley....

Are there some who have to lose more weight than me? Of course. I know I find it slightly annoying when I read about someone who needs to lose "10 pounds" and I am thinking "Girl, is that IT?" and I am sure some people are thinking about that of me.

But 50 pounds is a big deal for me, and my doctor agrees. It's not only the difference from being called "obese" or not, it's so much more.

It's getting off my cholesterol medicine. 
It's avoiding knee surgery. 
It's reducing my risk of so many diseases, including the heart disease that plagued my Dad. 

It's fitting into my clothes. 
It's wearing my wedding band (I thought gold was a soft metal? Nope, it won't stretch) 
It's having confidence again. 
It's finishing something for ME, for once. 

I want the "abundant life" God has in store for me. I entered a contest trying to find that abundant life. This contest has thrown me for a loop, and there have been many obstacles, but not once has my faith wavered. I have been so encouraged by friends and family and complete strangers. Those closest to me know how much this opportunity means to me. But when someone criticizes me for "only" needing to lose 50 pounds...well, that's not fair. I don't want to judge anyone without knowing their circumstances. I said before that I do not deserve this prize MORE than anyone else....I just know I deserve it. My mountain may look easy to some, but this is my Everest. I haven't been able to do it on my own and I am reaching out for help. I will be happy for whoever wins this contest, honestly, because we ALL need it, or else we would not have entered. It won't be an easy climb, and I do not know what the outcome of this contest will be. 

But I do know I believe in this: 

if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will tell this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. - Matthew 17:20

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  1. can I vote for you in this contest?? Is it only via Facebook? I hope not, for i would LOVE to cast as many votes as I can!!!! I BELIEVE GOD and YOU will do GREAT things together...with or without the unnecessary 50 lbs! :)