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Monday, January 16, 2012


If you've been a long time dieter like me, you've been to "Never"land. 

You don't have to pack your bags, get a passport, or wait for some magical guy in green tights to show up at your window (let's face it, in real life, that would be way creepy. Would you even go?)

As a matter of fact, you don't even need to leave your house. It's a "mind trip" and I found myself there again yesterday. 

OK so you all know I ran my 5K in Disney. You all know I am the girl who said she would "never" run. (There is an example of a trip to Neverland). Now, logically, one would deduce that since I ran for 40 minutes straight last Friday, I would have no problems running a 20-minute run which is what I planned on doing yesterday. 

But we all know that a dieter's mind is not exactly logical at all times. 

I started out hopeful enough - had on my cute little Bondiband (and I highly recommend a trip to their site - - if you're going to torture yourself, at least look cute doing it. This one's my favorite) sure LOOKED like a nice day from inside my house, but once I got outside the frigid 21-degree wind slapped my face and man did it sting. I had on my own tights (black not green) that were not holding up to their manufacturer's promise of keeping me warm and I forgot my gloves and POOF I quickly found my way to Neverland. 

"I'm never going to be able to stand this cold." 
"I'm never going to be able to run a whole 20 minutes in this." 
"I'm never going to lose this &^%$$! weight." 

No magical flying powers, no childhood delight in escaping the house. I was freakin' miserable. And then I got mad because I had told myself that I would "never" be negative again about myself on this wonderful journey I am on. 


BUT, here's the thing. My mind went to Neverland but my body didn't. I didn't turn around and go back home, because something inside of me has changed. (I sure wish the outside would follow suit...I'm sure that's coming) I have a RESOLVE I didn't have before. And, quite frankly, I couldn't go to Neverland on this, because last Friday, I proved that I could do it. 

Have you ever done something you said you could/would "never" do? That was me with  my 5K. And once you GO THERE and conquer that "never" there is no turning back. And that's what kept me running yesterday. I had done more than this so there was no reason I could not do this and I started to tell myself that I'd warm up soon enough (I did) and that I would feel better after I did it (I did) and I just needed to suck it up because I have not been kind to my body and this was a way to turn that around (admit it, even though exercise hurts and we sometimes hate it we know that we are being kind to ourselves by doing it). Once you DO that "never", you are forever changed and you simply can't lie to yourself again. You're proved yourself wrong. It was one of the best things I have ever done. 

Yes, I took a trip to Neverland. But I also took a trip through my neighborhood and ran the whole way and felt great afterwards. So, what I'm saying is, although you may take many, many trips to Neverland, how long you STAY there is up to you. 

Me? I'm not packing my bags - I won't be here long! 

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