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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Arrival in Malibu

Malibu Barbie, you're not anatomically possible.
Back in Philly this morning I stopped at the Xpres Spa in the airport for a pre-flight neck & back massage (what a great idea!) Through small talk he found out why I was headed to LA  - I told him - and he said, "Why?", inferring that I did not need to go to someplace affiliated with Biggest Loser. Nice compliment I suppose - brought up a hint of doubt in my intentions -  then I realized my neck and back aren't what I would consider my "problem areas" so he kind of had a skewed perception.

I got on the plane.

After a fairly uneventful flight, I arrived safely at LAX! The reality of it hit me - here I was, finally, after blogging about it and shopping for socks and shoes and anticipating it. I was on my way. Talking with my Aunt in the van on the way to the resort, I literally gasped when I saw the Pacific Ocean - what views! The fact that I am blessed to be here has not once escaped me since touchdown, and I will not take a moment of this experience for granted. Pinky swear.

Checked in at the front desk and was whisked upstairs for measurements. As in, tape measure and scale. A necessary evil. The background music should've been by Shakira cuz honey, my hips don't lie. Yup, glad I got on that plane!!
After measurements a group of 5 of us were taken into a room to speak with the life coach. Bubbly yet serious, she assured us the room was a "safe" place to talk and say whatever we needed to say. Asked about fears, I answered "rattlesnakes" and was told that they don't come out unless it starts to warm up (which I imagine it just might do here in, um... California) and that if we stamp a stick down on the ground they get scared away from the vibrations. I wonder if they sell sticks in the gift shop??

Anyway, she really was great, and I have a session booked with her later this week. Along with a massage and a hair appointment. Relaxation is highly encouraged here, and I will make sure I get some.
At dinner I got to sit with someone I "know" from Facebook & the blog world - Peggy - who was gracious enough to let me shadow her and introduced me to her friends. Everyone seems so nice, and it's a real "family" atmosphere. Dinner was good - the picture is fuzzy (I think I was shaking from hunger) but I promised a certain friend I would take pictures of all the food so here goes. It was a tiny bit of chicken fanned around a ball of squash with marinara sauce & Brussels sprouts.

 Dessert was advertised as "key lime pie" but was unlike anything of the same name I've tried. It had some kind of puffed cereal as a "crust" which I could have done without - but the pie stuff was creamy and good. Proof that food can be good and that portion control is key, I have a feeling it'll take some getting used to. But, that is why I'm here.  
Should be off to bed now - it's been a loong day and there's a busy one tomorrow. Here's my schedule:

6am - Stretch (they say it's optional but everyone says GO)
7am - breakfast
8am - leave for hike (our first one is an "assessment hike" where we'll be noted on our fitness abilities and paired with others who are similar)
11:15 stretch
12:15 lunch
1:15 Lecture: Budget (just like home! hahahah)
1:45 open gym
2:05 Circuit
2:30 Step & Pump
3:30 Liquid Moves (pool! yay!)
4:30 circuit training
5:30 dinner
6:15 Lecture: Spending your calories wisely

So here I am - and here I go!! Thanks to everyone for their "souport" - I'll be thinking chicken noodle soup cans all day long tomorrow to keep me going! Missing my 3 guys at home but grateful that they love me enough to support me on this journey...and they'll be seeing "less" of me when I get back (-: 


  1. you can do it! Drink lots of water - you will need it for hikes and workouts. Plus it flushes fat out and makes you feel full.


  2. Have a great time! Its an amazing experience. Ive been to Utah twice! My friend Lianne that I met in Utah is in Malibu this wek. Tell her Brandi said hello if you see her!

  3. Good luck Diana, best wishes to you:-)