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Monday, October 18, 2010

One Year Anniversary

One year ago today, my family was involved in a horrific accident that could have taken our lives. An elderly woman drove into our lane and we hit her head on at 50 miles an hour. By the grace of God, we were all OK. And by OK, that includes my cracked ribs, whiplash and torn meniscus. I was alive; my husband and son were alive, and we would all recover from our injuries. We'd be fine!

The car did not fare as well.

One year ago, I was unable to walk, cough, sneeze, or pretty much breathe without a tremendous amount of pain. On a scale of one to ten? Ten. The minutes were agonizing. I spent six weeks sitting upright on the couch struggling to find a position that was bearable since there were none that were comfortable. I slept, on average, two hours a night.

The accident occurred in the midst of my "this is it" weight loss effort. You know, the epiphany similar to the one I experienced in the doctor's office earlier this year. I had hired a personal trainer, was eating right...educated myself on proper nutrition and "calories in, calories out." I would go for long walks in the park, marvelling at the changes in my endurance with each lap. The pounds were melting off. And then....this. It just didn't seem "fair."

I spent most of my time on the Internet, distracting myself with planning our next trip to Disney in May. It was the only thing that kept me going. I planned every detail, while my Vicodin wasn't clouding my ability to type.

But in the moments of self pity mixed with moments of sheer gratitude for things I had taken for granted (like taking laundry out of the washer or sleeping on my side) I realized that maybe, just maybe, I was given the opportunity to "slow down" a little...that my life had been hectic and unfocused. I now have a deeper appreciation for everything in my life.

So, the opportunity to go to the Biggest Loser Resort almost exactly a year to the day since our accident is a huge gift to me. It's literally a gift to myself for my 40th birthday...but it's also a gift from God, who made this amazing body which has healed and is strong enough to accept this challenge.

Everyone has their own personal journey; their reason for wanting to do something to better themself. I gained 17 pounds on that couch, on top of the 20 I already had to lose. I also gained a deeper respect for my body, which I will treat with dignity and pride as I head out to jumpstart my "once and for all" weight loss journey in Malibu.

 Bring on that mountain! I've already climbed one or two. (-:

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  1. Unbelievable.
    And I'm not just talking about the wrecked car.
    Or the miraculous survival.
    Or the long year of healing.
    Or even your odyssey that is leading you to Malibu.

    You're entire life has been one adventure after another...with one chapter containing more than the entirety of other life stories.

    You are something very, very extra special. I knew it from first meeting you, and have only grown further convinced in all the years since.

    I will be stopping in the Campbell's soup aisle at my local grocery store next time I go!

    Lots of love,