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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The thrill of victory...not the agony of da feet

I have become irrationally interested in socks. Before, I could go forever without thinking about buying socks. When they got a hole at the big toe it was time to buy some more. Now, it is whatever will save my tootsies from the dreaded blisters I've been hearing about from those who didn't follow (sock) protocol while at the resort. I have researched socks, and come to the conclusion that my 12 pairs of Wrightsocks Cool Mesh II are the ones for the job of keeping my feet happy for 7 hours of exercise a day. (I also have a few back up socks from a competing brand (Thorlo) as I will be changing socks at least twice a day) Yup, starting Monday, exercise will be my full time job! My "souporters" will be happy to know that I am taking this job quite seriously and have invested in what I believe just might be the best socks on the planet.

These socks make a hefty claim:
Blister free- guaranteed! That is a seriously unique guarantee, and I am sure by the very nature of it, it's true. Like, who would put that on the package if it wasn't true? I am looking forward to trying them out on my Malibu hikes.

As a side note, shame on Shoebuy for packaging the socks in this box:

The socks were 20% off, but the box was 80% bigger. Not cool, Shoebuy. Someone needs to tell them the world is going green.

So, that's it this time. No motivational speech or quote. Just socks. To be updated on whether or not my feet are, indeed, blister free next week. I am sure they will be - it's guaranteed!

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