One can for every pound I lose...bring it!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or Treat

Is it a coincidence that I'm flying away on Halloween? Actually, it is, since I didn't consider what day it was when I booked my flight. The irony is not lost on me, however. I am flying away from a candy-filled week to start my new, healthy lifestyle. Poetic, indeed. 

I kind of already "know" what I should be eating. I have the Bodybugg (love, love, love it) that tells me how many calories I burn. I purchased said Bodybugg back in April. Ya know, when I first called the Biggest Loser Resort and found out they were booked. Yeah....when I was gonna do it "on my own."

Yup, I know how many calories I burn. Got that down. Know how many steps I walk too. All over it. It's the "calories in" part that I have trouble controlling. I know it, but I can't apply it. So I am setting off on a journey to learn how to apply what I know (and, surely, what I will learn) in an environment meant to nurture this kind of behavior. I am feeling beyond blessed for the opportunity.

My sister recently said to me "I don't get it - why aren't you losing weight? You eat right, have a personal trainer..."  I guess I'm an all day grazer. I can imagine if I didn't exercise, I'd have a whole lot more than 30-ish pounds to lose. Yes, I also eat healthy. But if you eat too much healthy stuff, that's bad too. I know that "moderation" is the key. Knowing (and loving, and semi-practicing) Weight Watchers, I know nothing is off limits, I just need to practice portion control. I can have the good stuff - just less of it. Take, for example, my love of Nutella, which I grew up on as a child - on my trips to Germany, we ate it every day. I knew it before it came stateside. We were thisclose.

Nutella is great - healthy, even -  if you spread it thinly, on a slice of whole wheat bread. Off the spoon that was meant to serve mashed potatoes? Not so much. This is why I am heading on this journey.

My husband, using the same wry sense of humor that was one of the reasons I fell in love with him, recently sent me this:

HAHAHA. Bless his's true. I've been treating pretty much all food like candy (especially candy.) So, Biggest Loser Resort, you've got your work cut out for you. I'm gonna be sweating candy corns, but it'll be worth it when I take what I know, what I will learn, and apply it once and for all while giving back to people who haven't had enough to eat.

Trick or treat? How about tricks on how to treat my body with respect. That'll do. Can't wait.


  1. ahhh I didn't you know used to travel to Germany often?! Nutella is one of my bff's. although me and candy corn are pretty tight too :)

  2. Diana - Bodybugs are the things to have. I can't decide-- they sure are dicey, but they give you such great information, and so great to use when you get home too.

    I was feeling lousy the first of the week, but I am doing much better. I think it is a little like the horse that sees the barn. Tomorrow is Friday -- and Sat. morning hike -- DONE for this week.

    See you Sunday.

  3. Peggy I got mine from - it was a great deal and the online membership was a year instead of 6 months. Totally worth it!! I am packing now...and wondering how much the overweight fee is for bags, I am STUFFED. Mostly shoes and I can't take anything out!