One can for every pound I lose...bring it!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 1: Numbers, Food & Classes

Going to be doing 2 blogs a day - one for my thoughts and another for no-nonsense info on the facts (ok, maybe a little nonsense will be used.) This information will most likely be appreciated by people who are coming to the Resort but feel free to peruse if you want to find the nonsense.

So, for my first day:

 (that is not a typo, and I didn't know my bodybugg had that many decimal places)

45 minutes into my hike, my Bodybugg beeped that I hit my activity level for the day.
About 30 minutes later, it beeped again to let me know I reached my 10,000 steps goal.
These two beeps occurred before 10am.

I saw a $52 million house today. There's not much to say to that. Also saw the roof of the house that Tommie Lee & Pamela Anderson lived in. Not much to say to that, either.

"Squeeze those glutes - I want to see those pants crinkle" ~ Megan, our instructor for stretch class, as we all lay on our bellies doing a stretch.

"Take it easy." ~ Dave Bernardo, in an ending note to our brief conversation between classes. He so funny.

So, here's the lowdown on the food & classes for the day:

Breakfast: Greek frittata with avocado on the side. Had to pick off the olives, but it was good. Had artichokes in it. And I sprinkled some salt & pepper on the avocado and pretended it was supposed to be a breakfast side dish. Successfully fooled myself. The fruit was great. There were two cantaloupe seeds mixed in that I assumed (out of irrational fear that I'll starve) were meant to be there so...I ate 'em.

Lunch: Rice & bean burrito and carrot soup. Carrot soup! Who knew? Delish! Very filling!  

Dinner: Salmon burger on a sandwich thin, with some green beans, red pepper slices & an asparagus spear (as in, one)

It's not a Pacman burger...I was so darn hungry I took a bit then remembered to take a pic (-:
Dessert: Cranberry sorbet. The menu board said it had 31 calories, so I did not get my hopes up...but it was funnier than I thought. The freezer had broken, so this was our "sorbet":
really, really cold cranberry juice in a really tall glass.
They also give you a choice of a snack after breakfast and lunch of a hard boiled egg (to be eaten within 2 hours for safety reasons) or 12 almonds. I took the almonds.

The only "weird" thing about the meals is the way they are served. You sit down and hope they notice you're new to the table but if they don't you have to ask them for your meal. I would think they'd come up with a better system.


STRETCH: at 6am and labeled optional. Optional, shmoptional - go! Great way to start the day. Megan is not only a perfect example of what the human body can look like if you treat it right, she's sweet and remembered my name. Loved her, she's my favorite.

HIKE: See the other blog. I really liked it though - and there are guides at the front, middle & back so you're not ever alone no matter where you are in the group.

STRETCH at 11:15: Loved this too, it was a nice way to unwind after the hike.

INTEN-SATI: there was a problem with the air in the gym so this was held outside. It was a bit weird for say affirmations like "I want it, I want it, I really really want it!" while making funky movements and warrior poses - reaching for the sky saying "YES! YES!" over and over and saying "I. Am. Friggin'. Fierce." was a little over the top for me...BUT BUT BUT I loved the instructor, she had such positive energy and as a former guest who lost 95 pounds was very inspiring SO, it made the class bearable. Plus, the Biggest Loser anthem "What have you done today to make you feel proud?" was on the playlist. Gotta love that.

LIQUID MOVES: Loved this pool class...but don't think being all floaty and buoyant is easy - this class rocked! Next time you're in the pool try and stand on one of those noodles. I could've stayed in there all day.

CIRCUIT: Hated this one the most. We did it outside because of the gym problem so it made it awkward. Plus, the weights they had outside were not varied enough. My least favorite things - jumping jacks & push ups - were involved. Just didn't like it. Bur I did it!

HOT TUB: very necessary to unwind. Not a required class but I highly recommend it. (-;

So there's my first day. The soup cans should be adding up quickly by the end of the week! I challenged myself and feel great. I am already feeling more mindful and aware of my body and love the way everyone here emphasizes relaxation. SO glad I came (and praying I can get out of bed tomorrow...)

What have I done today to make myself proud? Plenty!


  1. Hi Diana! Glad to hear you survived your first day! :) I head there on Sunday for two weeks and am extremely nervous and excited... I'm looking forward to your new posts :) good luck!!

  2. Sounds like you are totally making the most of this! Enjoy every minute, and thanks so much for letting us peek in on your experiences! =)

  3. Pants are crinkling haha - but there are no irons in the rooms!! (-: