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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 7: Fitness Summary

It was really easy to get out of bed today - and not just because we got an extra hour of sleep.

It was Weigh Day. The day I got to see what I'd been working for all week.

I was first in line!

So I know you're all curious what I accomplished my first week ever at the Biggest Loser Resort, so here are my numbers!!


Look he's smiling! (so was I! This was the "magic" number I wanted)


They say this won't be a big number after the first week - but it's DOWN!


7.25 inches all together! Woo hoo!  
When Cameron weighed me in on the scale he asked if I had a number in mind. The number I had tucked away was 5 - and I got it! I was thrilled. After measurements the lady asked (I don't remember her name but she was in purple, in super shape, and super nice) - if I was happy? Happy? I'm THRILLED. Thinking back on this past week I know I earned every pound, inch and loss. It was hard work but I did it and I felt fierce. Like a warrior. Every time I was tired and wanted to give up, I didn't. Seeing the Biggest Loser contestants working out in the gym as I was going to bed was great motivation. And the opportunity to work out with their trainer Brett? Quite simply THE most motivating part of this week. I know how good it feels when I'm good to myself.

SO, I worked hard, and I got the result (see no risk ~ no reward post for more on that!) I chose wisely at the airport (even though there were many unwise choices) and I know that EVERY time I do make a healthy choice, I'm one step further to my ultimate goal.

And my souporters are one step closer to the grocery store! That's FIVE cans of chicken noodle soup to your local food bank - please and thank you!  Thanks and God Bless my souporters for helping me through this week!! What a great gift to be able to pay forward!

And it doesn't stop here...When I get home it's on like (say it with me!)


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