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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Outside the Bubble

This should be at the exit of the ranch!
So, I have been home for 2 days.

My reality check bounced.

I had such a wonderful time at the Ranch. It was hard to leave, but I knew I was mentally prepared to handle the challenge of working the program at home.

Until I got home.

To be fair, they did warn me. In his "Budget Review" lecture John used the famous saying "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." So simple, so true. Darlene texted me Saturday night and asked if I had made my food plan. She had a great little notebook system of meal ideas and calorie counts for breakfasts, lunches, dinners & snacks that she could mix & match to meet her calorie target. Simply choose your meals & plan your day. I told her I'd do mine on the plane but pretty much had it in my head.

My head is a great place to lose things.

Here's the thing: on our last day (Saturday) I went with three BL buddies to see a movie. It was our first real-life temptation challenge.

I looove popcorn. I simply thought I would not be able to watch a movie without it. But when we entered the theater, I swear the smell was so thick it stuck in my throat. It didn't even smell good. And the candy didn't look (too) attractive.

I had a banana in my purse
I figured this was proof positive that I could do it on my own. Not even tempted and too high on my week's worth of exercise to blow it (the fact I was getting weighed in the next day didn't exactly hurt either) I smuggled in my bottle of water and took a seat.

The next day (after weigh in) I chose wisely at the airport. Got the turkey & avocado sandwich from LaBrea Bakery (note to resort nutritionist: your note says sub mustard for mayo, but the sandwiches are pre-made. I removed the slice soaked with mayo and ate it open-faced on the plane) - even brought an orange as a snack. I had breakfast earlier at the Resort, and ate some of my sack lunch on the way to the airport. I thought I was golden.

Coming home was a joy, especially when my 13 year old son said "Wow Mom you look skinnier!" 5 pounds is not exactly a total body makeover, but that's not what I went for. I had a total head makeover. But it was still pretty awesome to hear.

Monday, I woke up knowing I would make it a great day. My mom made me a one-egg two egg-white omelette and some wheat toast. Went to work to catch up on paperwork & emails and when I was hungry I ate the greek yogurt I had in the fridge. Took my son to tennis, ravenously eating my 12 almonds (they looked bigger on the Ranch) and came home and hurriedly prepared a warm grilled chicken salad.

Proudly entering my food items at the end of the day, I was shocked to see how many calories I had eaten.


I was not shocked in a good way. Less than 1,000 calories is NOT good. (The Mayo Clinic recommends no less than 1200-1400). I know that a diet this low in calories is bad for my heart - the very thing I was trying to protect by going to the BL Resort.

I had failed to plan.

Counting your calories at the end of the day doesn't do any good. I wasn't about to find 400 random calories at 10pm. The point is, plan ahead. I know better! And still, I thought I could wing it. Epic fail.

So, today I fared much better. I tracked along the way and kept count of calories at each meal. Today's total intake was 1269.

Even better? Tonight I discovered my Bodybugg program has a menu planner. I entered all my food for tomorrow (you can do the whole week!), including all meals & 2 snacks. You can even print it out! It will make my day a LOT less stressful to know that I've got a plan and I'm on track. That's how it's supposed to be done. I won't have anyone serving me food and figuring it all out for me. No 3 hour hikes in the mountains. It's go time, with real-life responsibilities and people depending on me and lots of places to be and go.

The life coach called being at the Resort "living in a bubble" and encouraged  (and had a whole lecture on) planning. So, outside the structured program from the Ranch where everything is figured out for you, realize that it's going to be YOUR job now to figure it out. It's the only way to succeed. I'm still figuring out exactly where I'm going to fit in my exercise (got a half hour at the gym tonight, which is laughable by BL standards, which are laughable in the real world, so I'm working on finding balance!)

It will take some planning ahead but I need to do it or I'll find myself in a tough spot with not enough calories to sustain the energy I need (or, conversely, too many calories to lose weight!) I don't want to lose the momentum I gained while I was in Malibu. I need to focus and take time for me because no one else will. I alone am responsible for what I eat so I need to take charge and not depend on anyone else to figure it out for me. I know I can do this.

                                 I'm thinkin' outside the bubble.



  2. Now you've been home 6 days...right?
    ---just thinkin about ya!