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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 2: Numbers, Food & Classes

note: I just updated my Bodybugg to Pacific time...not sure if that will make a difference cuz I feel like I should be burning more calories. It calculates based on your wake/bed time so I was 3 hours off. Plus, I had 2 pool classes today so there are more steps for sure.

The Biggest Loser show will be taping in the dining room at lunch tomorrow. Exciting!

Our beach hike had bathrooms. Yay!
                                                              (oh and great views too haha)

"I don't care if you're tired, you still have to show up!"

"You gotta call it out of yourself, I can't call it out for you!"

"That's it, you can do it, you can do ANYTHING for 30 seconds, there's NOTHING you can't do for 30 seconds! What can't you do in 30 seconds? NOTHING!"

"OK this is it, give it all you got, show me you want those results, now is when it counts, you can do it, all day long baby - ALL DAY LONG!"

~ all of the above quotes as well as many others I wish I could remember were by Ravenna (sp?), our instructor for H20 circuit - she ROCKED (and I loved her Canadian "yes?" at the end of her sentences, haha

"It feels good" ~ Tony Toni Tone, via the stereo speaker at Total Toning Class (which should be renamed Total Torture) in a lovely gesture of musical irony during a particularly brutal set

So, here's the lowdown on the food & classes for the day

I could eat this every day. Great option when you don't want what's for breakfast.

Still got the fruit with my granola

Breakfast: Well, the menu said Banana muffin with a side of fruit. That didn't sound like fodder for a hike. So, I went with the alternative granola with almond milk. Previous blogs had raved about it, and they were right! LOOOOVED it. Sliced my banana in it for a bowl of Heaven. And it was filling! Lasted through my whole hike. I am sooo making that when I get home. Anyway, a nice lady next to me let me take a picture of her muffin. She didn't seem to think that was weird of me to ask (gotta take care of my blog readers) It was kinda small but she said it was very good (and served warm!) and dense.

someone else's muffin

Tuna & Friends

Lunch: Parsnip Soup and Tuna Nicoise with salad. Let me start off by saying I would never see parsnip soup on a menu and order it. But I am eating anything they put in front of me, even though I have figured out I will not starve if I don't. Anyway, it was superb, as was the carrot soup yesterday. They got this soup thing down pat.  And the tuna was perfect - and the little side salad was doused with this awesome sweet raspberry vinaigrette - I scooped it up with the tuna and it was awesome.

Dinner: Vegetable Lasagna. We learned at our cooking demo that they use tofu in place of the ricotta, and the chef makes his own marinara sauce. This was soo good and a very nice portion. I found myself wanting a piece of garlic bread but then I realized where I was.

Dessert was like a game of BL Resort Jeopardy. "The Chef uses these to make women moan at the dinner table." Oooh, Alex I know! I know!
"What are...chocolate covered strawberries?"

There was quite a bit of coating envy at my table over my well-dressed berries.
A sweet end to "Terrible Tuesday"


CORE: at 6am and not labeled optional, but it was, much to the chagrin of about a third of the class. Nice ab workout, lots of crunches from every angle.

HIKE: We got the beach hike! Bonus! I blogged more on this but let me say that the majestic views are breathtaking. And walking in the sand is HARD.
H20 Circuit: I had a choice between this and free weight workshop. I have a trainer at home so I chose the pool. This class kicked butt! Lots of kicking and moving and push ups and just plain energy, provided by our instructor, who was so uplifting and made you want to do better than your best.
Calorie Challenge: After lunch we had a little game - we had to guess the # of calories in certain dishes at IHOP. They were breakfast dishes that all were about equal to everything we are eating in a whole day here. My team won BTW.
Cooking Demo: The chef introduced himself and all of the products they use to create most of the meals were introduced & explained. Turns out I had Key Lime Tofu Pie the other night.
Cardio Intervals: We got to pick a machine (I started on the bike) and go for 30 second intervals, increasing intensity every 30 seconds. The instructor Ursula did not smile and was very matter of fact. But I burned some butter, so mission accomplished.
Total Toning AKA Total Torture: Grab a step bench, a weighted pole, a set of light & heavy weights and see how many different muscles you can make quiver at the end of 45 minutes. Great workout though and the instructor (forgot her name!) was inspiring by her very presence of body perfection.
H20 Intervals: Back in the pool! Swam 10 laps (I need swimming lessons when I get home - I did it, but it was hard) and then worked with foam "weights" in the water. The effervescent Heather from IntenSati was the teacher and she is just a hoot.
sooooo there's Day 2. Let me just say that you have about 11-13 minutes between classes so it's a pretty hectic day, especially since the cabins are spread out. If it wasn't for this blog I'd be asleep right now so here's where it ends! Ready for Worn-Out Wednesday!


  1. How is the temperature in the pool, I read another blog that said it was collld, lol and I hate cold and was hoping it was a problem that has been fixed. You are accounting very well of your days, this is exactly what people who are or considering coming need to read. Totally taking alot of the fear out of me! Thanks!!

  2. Hi Kassie! The pool is a bit "cool" but nowhere near what I would call "cold." It's been a great week weather wise here though (89 today). Once you start moving (and trust me, you MOVE) you'll be fine!! I am glad you're enjoying the blog, I loved reading about others' experiences so I'm paying it forward (-: