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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3: Numbers, Food & Classes

           CALORIES EATEN: 1097
STEPS WALKED: 26,628 (a new record!)
I am calculating this as of 7:30 p.m. cuz I plan on going to bed the second this blog calories are even higher!! Woo hoo! It was the 6-mile hike.

Last night they hung up posters in the gym & aerobics room of some previous BL contestants (before & after pics) - very inspiring!

Our hike today had bathrooms! Two hikes in a row with porta-potties! Yay!

"Work out your MIND and let your body do what it's capable of!"
~ Fitness Director John, during Mountain class.
"I can always tell the married ladies." No-nonsense trainer Ursula during Kickboxing class in a display of her humorous side (I knew it was in there!) to a girl who was going TO TOWN on her punching bag. Ha ha ha.
Breakfast: Hot muesli with a side of fruit. The girl next to me said it was "OK" so I stuck with the super yummy granola. See pic from yesterday!
Lunch: Beet soup and green pizza. At first I thought we were having chilled strawberry soup because of the beautiful color - when I found out it was beet soup I was  like "eh" but having seen what they transformed carrots & parsnips into, I dove in. Loved it! The green pizza was yummy too, and very pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. Their marinara sauce here is homemade and ROCKS. I got mine without olives but somehow 2 olives found their way in (olives make me gag) - they give you a yellow card that lists your allergies & aversions so if you're allergic to something be diligent about making sure they get it right!

Dinner: Cafe salad. This was amazing. Some people rolled theirs like a burrito which I should have done...I mixed mine up and was tearing off the pieces of tortilla. Chicken, brown rice, black beans, lettuce, onions, cilantro and I think a bit of guacamole? Loved the flavor.

I'm sooo making this at home.

Dessert: Mango Sorbet. Hooray for frozen sorbet! It was big chunks of frozen mango held together by what I believe was frozen mango juice. Nice and tart and refreshing.

I skipped the optional stretch class to get some extra sleep. I had a massage last night and blogged til midnite so I needed the extra time...not an excuse but a good reason and I totally rocked out the calories today.

HIKE: Went through Malibu Creek State Park & saw where M*A*S*H was filmed as well as Planet of the Apes. Looooong hike, blogged more about that, great views as is the hike theme here in Malibu.
LIQUID MOVES: I was so bummed to miss this class since our hike ran 45 minutes over. Even more bummed when I saw Megan was teaching it. But I know I burned some serious calories on that hike!
LECTURE: On emotional eating. Very relevant.
H20 Moves: with Cameron, who looks like he's the stunt double for Chris Daughtry (not that Daughtry needs a stunt double he just looks like him) - this dude rocks out (think AC/DC and Guns N Roses) and made the class silly and fun (yes I said silly, even though he's a tough guy, he's got a great sense of humor!)
KICKBOXING: This was good - I have a kickboxing DVD at home and love it, this class went over the basic moves then you got to pick a partner, put on some gloves and punch and kick a bag. Kinda hurt my hands (I am not used to punching anything but numbers) but was a great workout.
MOUNTAIN: Ok - pick a machine, warm up, then increase
speed/resistance/incline every three minutes - 12 times. This is tough. I started out on a "Nu-Step" cross trainer which is like a bike except you sit recumbent-style and push forward while moving your arms on these ski like poles. I had to switch to the treadmill after 5 increases cuz it got too hard on my knees. BUT I did really push myself and John made it fun & motivating to climb the "mountain."
I highly recommend getting a massage and visiting the hot tub. Today I woke up hardly sore at all! Ready to do it all again tomorrow...this is intense which I knew it would be but I'm having a great time getting reacquainted with my muscles (-:


  1. Hey Diana,I know sleep sounds sooooo good. Massages are the best. Keep up the hiking:-0 Best workout; try to run some and do the extra hike. Most times you don't even know you are doing it; those hiking guides trick you. Take every class with Megan; she truly is the best!!! Cameron/Chris Daughtry (don't get that) (lol) Mountain is hell, hot tub is great. I really liked the kick boxing. I would do that on free gym because I didn't get enough of it. Sounds like you are having fun. You go girl!!! Gnyt

  2. Diana -what a great post describing everything. I need to blog, and I am so tired after returning from Target. Wish I could just copy your LOL.