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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 5: Numbers, Food & Classes

                          CALORIES EATEN: 1217
STEPS WALKED: 14, 843 (but this does not include the 3 pool classes I did today!)

We saw a rattlesnake on our hike today! (it's a fun fact NOW but not at the time)

"Work it! Move it! You came here for a reason!"
"A lot of you came here thinking you could do a lot less, and when you GOT here, you realized you could do a hell of a lot more!"
~ John, during Cardio Intervals
Breakfast: Pancake breakfast. For some reason I decided to go with the granola again and I was sorry I did. I heard the pancakes were really good. Dirk let me take a picture of his food before he ate it.
You can ask for REAL maple syrup, too!

Lunch: Mushroom soup & a tostada. I was eager to try both. The soups here are not exactly easy on the eye, but boy are they good. I love mushrooms so this was good to me - had a very strong flavor. The tostada? Fabulous! It was crispy and like a big round taco. Made with vegetarian chili and piled up with good stuff.

Dinner: Meatloaf. But this is not your mama's meatloaf...ground turkey and served in two patties, with a wonderful rice pilaf topped with onions and roasted red peppers, and green beans on the side. Loved this too (really, everything is good here! )

Dessert: I was concerned about the 275-calorie almond butter cookie that was advertised for dessert. For 275 calories, it better sing and dance on my plate. Although it was a bit dry, it was really tasty, and it was so nice to have a cookie. Kristie had gone to the cooking demo for this and the ingredients are almonds, oatmeal, brown sugar, honey, cinnamon, applesauce and I can't remember anything else. But I hope the recipe is in the cookbook (although I will make mine smaller.)


Stretch: I got out of bed and EVERYTHING (-; at 6am. Ravenna is awesome and does a nice stretch class. She is a positive person and speaks affirmations and makes you mindful of what you are doing.

Hike: Charmlee was charm-ing. Loved it. Any hike with a view of the ocean is2 thumbs up for me!

H20 Intervals: Ravenna did this one. I LOVE her pool classes. She works you HARD. Lots of kicks, high-fives with a partner and lots of water resistance work.

Lecture: on Budget Review. John went over RMR and we had a Q&A session. I really respect how they emphasize success at home. 

Cardio Disco Jam: They made an announcement at the beginning of the week that this was being replaced with Salsa. I was excited (I just started Zumba before I got here and am hooked!) However, at lunch today I found out Ursula was teaching it and I dreaded going. For me, she doesn't have positive energy to keep me going (see insulting remark she made yesterday) I know she is good at what she DOES but she needs some of the warm & fuzzies that seems to have infected the rest of the staff here. I asked to opt out and took another pool class. 

Liquid Moves: My catnap was interrupted by housekeeping and I was glad because I was late for class! Just 5 minutes. Thrilled to see Cameron was instructing. This guy just has a look on his face like he's got a delicious secret and he makes the class FUN. As "We will, we will ROCK YOU!" blared we had some fun drills and got a great workout. He knows how to deal with the "class clowns" well and just has the perfect personality for this job. THIS is the kind of positive energy that keeps me motivated to work out even when I'm tired. Even though I found out he was a SF Giants fan, he's still one of my favorites. (-:

Liquid Moves: Yup, same class, but this one was with John. John can do the moves on land and is very flexible and fun to watch. His music choice is Lady Gaga and Madonna so it was a whole new class. He's good at "old school" type motivation ("Faster! Harder! GO GO GO!) and it was an enjoyable class. He told us he's let us "frolic" at the end since it as Friday but it was just more work (-:

Circuit Training: John was back in the gym with us and seemed to have forgotten he just had us in the pool 15 minutes ago (but then again we look different dry, haha) - I actually loved this class. You pick a machine, go for 2 minutes, then go to the next numbered machine, alternating cardio with strength training. I got a good workout.

soooo TGIF - Thank God It's Finished. It's been a remarkable week full of gratitude towards God for His many blessings, starting with my good health. I never knew my body could do what it has done (and just a year ago I could barely walk!) so this has been a real eye opener. I feel I'm equipped to go home with the right frame of mind to keep my healthy habits up for a long, long time (no more frozen pizzas, boys)

One challenging hike tomorrow, a pool class, lunch, then 4 hours of free time before dinner & "graduation"! Woo hoo! I feel stronger mentally and physically. Can't wait to see what Sunday morning brings when I weigh in (no whammies no whammies!)

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