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Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 4: Thoughtful Thursday

I've been thinking...
"You're going to look like a Barbie doll when you get home!" ~ my mother, after hearing how hard I've been working out.

Sorry to disappoint, people, but plastic surgery is not on the spa menu here. I hope you're not expecting some magical transformation. It's only a week.

Ready for this?

When I get home, I may look exactly the same as when I left.

I came here to fix my head, not my body - at least, not all at once. Will I lose weight? For sure. You do the math. Calories in, calories out, 3500 calories equals one pound. Yup, I'll lose weight. But it may just be a few pounds. Cuz that's how it works in real life. No quick fixes. I'm not on the show - I know they drop double digits in a week's time (and that's a television week; I'm told there's actually 9-13 days between weigh-ins)

More important, to me, than the number on the scale is what I will gain from being here. A new perspective on life, on health, on my relationship with food, on the power of my body, on what it is I REALLY want for myself. I know there will be soup cans being bought for food banks all across this beautiful country because I came here (and have people cheering me on.) That in itself has been a great motivation.

To me, it's about celebrating my 40 years of life; about celebrating the body God healed after our accident; about taking care of my body and allowing myself to experience some serenity and peace in nature. I am loving this experience and it has truly been life-changing. I won't be the same person when I get back - but the biggest change will be on the inside. Where it starts. Eventually, there will be a noticeable difference on the outside too.

I've been pushed beyond my limits; I've been detoxed from coffee; I've experienced what "normal eating" is and I've got some great tools and resources to continue this journey from home. I've learned a lot here and can't wait to put it into practice and honor my body when I get home. I'm looking forward to helping educate my friends & family. It's been a huge blessing to have this experience and one I will always be grateful I allowed myself to have.

So...thanks to everyone for their support. I'll be home Sunday.

Barbie's got her own ride.

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  1. Dear Gidget,
    I know you're not Barbie, but I for one don't WANT you to be Barbie! I think you are adorable the way you are, and absolutely admirable for wanting to improve the mechanisms that control how you take care of what God has given you.

    Rah! Rah! Siskamba! I am all for you!!!

    Ken's Sister's second-cousin, once removed.