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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 5 Hike: Do you hear what I hear?

Today's hike was at Charmlee.

Sounded...charming. And it was. However, once we got a little way up the trail, Logan stopped, and I could hear a baby rattle.

Um, hello brain who is programmed not to process scary things first.

California. Wilderness trail. Rattling sound.


No one wanted to move forward, especially when our guide Logan started poking the bushes with a stick. Um, if he's rattling, isn't that the gift God gave him to let people know to stay away??

SO, with one brave hiking guide standing in the spot where the snake was spotted saying "Go behind me you guys" (does she get paid enough to do that?) we skittered by and could enjoy the trail. But we were reminded that there were probably more snakes around.

 Well, the sight of the ocean was enough to motivate me to keep moving. It's 35 degrees at home. Snake, shmake. It really was a beautiful hike. I was reminded of a quote by one our our Founding Fathers:

No, sir, I think this is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy:

One thing I have been reminded of (and sad, that I needed the reminder!) is the great gift God has given us to enjoy. I have marveled at the beauty of His craftsmanship on this trip. I fell into a routine at home where I rarely looked around - really stopped and looked - at the beauty of nature. And trust me, in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, there is plenty of beauty to behold. But here, away from my responsibilities (thank you honey - and you too Tom & Louellen) I am able to be mindful of my surroundings, and to take a moment to give thanks for what I have been blessed with to enjoy. I don't need to be near the ocean..but man, it sure does help. (-;

At the same time my body has been given an awakening, so have my mind and soul. I am forever changed by this experience. This is not drama. This is just me being able to say "Ok, Lord, I get it. I get it!" and take charge of the life I've been given - to make it work out for good.

My greatest wish for anyone reading this is to have a similar experience that makes you realize the "small stuff" doesn't matter. The petty arguments, the what-did-so and so-say-about-me drama, getting angry at traffic (maybe God wants you to slow down and look around!) doesn't really matter. Health, Love, and Family are most important (not in that order, and not without God first) - and you don't need to come to California to experience it. Praying for all of my friends and family and realizing just how precious time is while we're here. I've enjoyed my week more than words can describe.

I've got a new attitude.


  1. I just love reading your posts. It allows me to remember the serenity I felt at FR. You bring peace to my hectic life. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Diana - what a wonderful post. It is so entertaining to read your blogs. It was wonderful to meet you and get to spend a little time with you. Best of luck on your fitness journey.