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Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's Tawk Turkey

There was much buzz about the Thanksgiving holiday. What did you eat? Were you "good"?   (by the way, since Malibu I no longer use the words "good" and "bad" to describe food. I use "healthy" and "unhealthy.") People were anxiously awaiting the play-by-play and, perhaps, taking bets on whether or not the pumpkin pie would make me come undone.

Yeah, I was good. I mean, I made healthy choices. Working in a hotel that never closes, I chose to work. Not only did I choose to work, but I chose to cover the housekeeping department so my supervisor could have off. I walked over 7,000 steps at work by 2:00. Healthy choice #1.

My sister in law graciously had dinner at 5pm, and I eyeballed the choices. I took a nice serving of strawberry spinach salad; took a helping of veggie casserole - covered 1/2 my plate with veggies just like the picture on the slide at Malibu. Healthy choice #2. Took my deck-of-cards sized helping of turkey and some filling. I even used a little gravy. I followed the "rule" of no forbidden food. And let's face it, once something is no longer off limits, it loses (some) of its appeal.

I ate and didn't feel guilty. Dessert? Yup. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream? Nope. I brought my own healthy "banana split" inspired dessert (on the Kraft food website - sub low fat cream cheese and light cool whip and prepare the pudding with nonfat milk) - in moderation, this is soooo good.
Healthy choice #3
Following a tradition that I broke this year, my husband and son complained they ate too much (my son even said he felt he would throw up.) Oh, I remember those days. But food no loonger had power over me - I had power over it. I was satisfied, not stuffed, and dang proud of myself for making it through the holiday without feeling like I "blew it." Friday started a 3-day Zumbathon (healthy choice #4!)- I burn about 500 calories per class - and I can look back and be proud of the choices I made. I did not feel deprived at all. This is new. I used to think diets were punishment for bad choices I made before. But I'm not on a diet. I've got a new lifestyle.

It all comes down to having a new relationship with food. A healthy relationship. A relationship free of drama (should I have eaten that? OMG, I can't believe I did that to myself!) - free of pain (ouch, I caught my belly in the zipper!) - free of lies (these jeans shrunk) free of jealousy (is her butt smaller than mine?) and free of excuses (it must be my thyroid.)

I remember the motivation that was instilled in me in Malibu. John asking "what did you come here for? how bad do you want this?" when we were in circuit class. I literally climbed mountains for hours a day when a little over a year ago I could barely breathe - I gained a newfound respect for the power of my body. My eyes were opened to a new world. I wasn't going to complain about how unhappy I was. I was going to change my attitude and change my life.

Today's daily scripture that was emailed to me was from Philippians. It goes like this:

Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe

I really try to do all things without complaining. It's hard. But I do know that now, I won't complain that my jeans don't fit while I eat a cookie. That's just silly. I feel like I "get it" now. And I ain't tawkin' turkey. I really get it.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support!


  1. Hi Megan (-: ~ I like the songs you had that were part of the song that went something like "I am..." with a girl singing and I forget the words ~ does that make sense?? Hope all is well, I miss you guys!

  2. Diana!!! LOVE YOUR POSTS!! You are on such a great path! As for the Music, I will listen to my playlists...but I think it was CAT POWER that you had on during the monday stretch class I had with you! I'll check it out!